Local Business Listing Management & Review Monitoring

Can customers find you online, right now?

Harness the Power of Local Search

Get Found, Get New Customers

Make sure your customers can find you wherever they are searching

We measure the online performance of your brick-and-mortar store. Our web crawlers scan millions of relevant sites to provide you with the most comprehensive representation of your local search performance. We monitor your brand, your stores, your industry, and your competitors – providing you with powerful data and analytics. Business listings and review monitoring also come with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service.

Know How You Rank

We provide you with the following analytical data:
  • Local listing optimization
  • Review performance overtime
  • Keyword rank performance
  • How you are doing in comparison to your competitor
You will get access to a dashboard to see any of the above information in real time as well as monthly generate reports.

How We Do This

  • Correct NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Correct Hours of Operation
  • Correct Contact Info
  • Listing on GPS Apps
  • Business Description
  • Business Categories
  • Correct Pin Placement on Google Maps
  • Real-Time Review Monitoring

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By Brad Poirier 22 Nov, 2017

Offline Advertising + Marketing Automation go together like PB&J (Jelly or Jam, whatever your fancy is)

If you’re like me, then you my friend, are a data junkie.

Even if you’re not a data junkie, you can still appreciate measuring your ROI (return on investment)

What I’m saying here, is that while the world is going (has gone) digital, you can still make excellent use of offline marketing campaigns and advertising. Let me explain.

Suppose you are advertising on traditional media, such as print, radio, TV – or even something as simple as handing out 500 flyers around town. Those media formats are excellent for reaching wide audiences, and yes, they CAN be tracked. There’s several ways to track offline advertising. We’re going to discuss tracking offline advertising using automation methods.

By Brad Poirier 18 Oct, 2017

Deadlines. Employees. Networking. Accounting. Advertising. HR. – The Party Planning Committee.

As a small business owner, you likely wear many hats.

“Wait, now I have to wear a marketing hat also?”

Well the short answer is no, you don’t have to. It really depends on how competitive you want to be in your industry.

Your big competitors invest lots of time and money into marketing their business, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Outsourcing your digital marketing to a digital marketing agency can both improve your lead quality and improve your overall ROI.

Let me explain.

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