This Website Is Powered With Personalization

Don't believe me? Pick a color below.

So how does this website magic really work?

Hint: It has nothing to do with slight of hands or wands. Or rabbits.

Website Magic, or what we really call Website Personalization is special technology that adapts the content of your website based on a series of visitors behavior. For instance, in this case, the visitor behavior was that you clicked on a color. That's the trigger. The content in this case, was to change the first part of the website page to that colors background. That's the the content change. While that may seem very simple, it's really powerful. 

Types of Triggers

There are several types of triggers we use to launch the new content. In the above example, we are using a UTM trigger. UTM is a Google branded term from a company they acquired. Google it if you want to learn more, but what you need to know is, it's a special extension to your webpage that is typically used for Google AdWords campaigns. This webpage's url is "/website-magic-trick".
The trigger is set as "/website-magic-trick?utm_source=website&utm_medium=magic&utm_term=WHATEVER-COLOR-THAT-YOU-CHOSE".

Why is this useful to you as a business? If you are spending money on a Google AdWords campaign, our technology can give you a competitive edge. First of all, a proper AdWords campaign will actually lower your bid rate, but more importantly, you must convert those clicks into leads. The job of an AdWord is to get people to click your ad, not buy from you. Website Personalization and a UTM trigger will change the content of your website to reflect what your ad was all about. This greatly aids in the conversion process.

Other triggers can be types such as time of day visiting, a returning visitor, where they are located and more.

How do you get this technology on your website?

Well, it's only for those wearing a members only jacket and have american express cards. No, it's not that private, but it's proprietary technology that we use. Send a message below and we can go over your unique business goals and discover how website personalization will help grow your business.

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