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"My website is beautiful, they created it exactly the way I had pictured it. I can easily go in and edit it anytime without any headaches. 5 stars and two thumbs up!" - Sunset Orchards

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Website Magic

Website Personalization Software

Why display the same content to everyone

Trigger. Action. Conversion. Repeat.

Choose a trigger (or rule) to launch the action and watch your conversion rate increase. Website Personalization gives your company an 88% better chance of acquiring new business.* No longer will your website be static, it will change based on who is visiting your site or where and when they are.
This technology previously was for large companies, like Amazon and eBay. Ever notice when you login to Amazon, the suggested products? That's website personalization. You can have this technology now also, through Breeze Digital Media.

If you're a restaurant, you can display your lunch menu during lunch hours right on your homepage, but display the dinner menu at night time - automagically. If you're in the services business, display a "CLICK TO CALL" button on your mobile site, and a contact form on your desktop site instead. Every visitor is going to have a different behavior, we're making (very good) educated guesses as to their browsing intent.

*(Swirl Networks, 2015) 

Website Personalization Campaigns Include:

Trigger setup (what rule triggers the personalized content)

Action - what will happen when the rule is triggered

Conversion - Easy, 24/7 access to a conversion reporting tool

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Why Website Personalization

1) 88% better chance to acquire new business
2) Users have said they want personalized browsing experiences
3) Create a tailored experience for every user.
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