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  • Brad, Thanks for listening to my ideas and adding your ideas and concepts. Also thanks for meeting me early mornings (7:45 am ) to go over the site. I'd get e-mail's and calls everyday to have my website redesigned. I'm glad I kept it local with the Valley Breeze. Thanks again

    Paul | PT Floors, Walls & More | ptfloors.com

  • Brad really took great care of our digital media needs! Now the Country Mutt has a live format that I can update myself and it interfaced seamlessly with my online booking and social media accounts! Well done!

    Michelle - The Country Mutt

  • I own a Home and Mold Inspection Business and I was inn dire need of a great looking web site. I was very fortunate to have met Brad Poirier from The Valley Breeze. Brad is a very talented web designer who took the time and lent his expertise to developing a web site that completely satisfied my needs, wants and desires for a professional looking web site that has attracted a lot a new clients to my company. If you are thinking of shopping around for a web site designer, you have found your guy....Brad Poirier. He will certainly design a web site that will make you proud....and I ought to know because that's what he did for me.

    Donny - Bona Fide Home & Mold Inspections

Breeze Digital Media Blog

Breeze Blog

By Brad Poirier 22 Nov, 2015

Some businesses use a Facebook page as a stand-in for a company website. 
 Knowing the differences between the two is important to your success. Use this handy infographic as a reference when asking yourself if you should be setting up a stand alone website in addition to your Facebook page.

Want more? Email us at brad@valleybreeze.com to get started.

By Brad Poirier 12 Nov, 2015
Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook, twitter, instagram and yes, google+ these days. There isn’t a lot of talk, though, about how to actually use these beyond sharing photos of red cups and salads in mason jars. I’m here to help you with that. Let’s see if we can turn those likes, hearts (favorites for you Twitter veterans) into real customers.

1) Social Media itself
While this may seem obvious, it’s not. Building a Facebook page or setting up a Twitter account does nothing for you if it’s not used. You can build the best car in the world, but if you don’t get in and drive it, you’ll never get to point B. So there’s lots of fun things you can do with social media, but I’ll leave that for another post. For now, just get on, use it, and use it often. I’d recommend one post a day to start. Try that.

2) Hootsuite
This is my favorite tool. Mainly, because its free to start with. Hootsuite combines all of your social media accounts into one dashboard. You can make one post and then it will distribute it out to your various social media channels. One dashboard can also give you a great analytics view, showing your recent followers, engagement reporting and overall performance. They also offer mobile apps that allow you to track this on the go. From both their web based login and their mobile app, you can schedule posts as well, which can be a huge time saver. Just schedule 5 posts on a Sunday night, and it will post them throughout the week for you. (Take care of point number one)

If you’ve never heard of this, you really need to get this. Now. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. They offer recipes, but digital recipes. It also can work with hardware devices that support the service. It’s also free. (See a trend here?) So one of the great things I use IFTTT for is posting something to instagram, but then having it post same content to Twitter, but placing an actual image on Twitter verses the “pic.instagram…” url that someone then has to click. If you’re a business using both Instagram and Twitter, please do not tap the share to twitter and have a weblink for me to click. Use IFTTT and it will natively post the photo for you!

4) Google Analytics
If you have any social media accounts, chances are you have a website as well. I hope you are at least using Google analytics for your website and already have it set up. Did you know that Google analytics has a section called “Acquisition” that will show you your top traffic sources? Chances are social media will be a large percentage of your traffic. Social media is great to display quick updates and some basic profile information, but customers still like to browse your “virtual showroom”. Find out if social media is driving enough traffic to your website with Google analytics

5) Mailchimp
Mail chimp in itself isn't a social media tool. It’s core product is an email marketing tool, which is free for the first 2,000 email addresses. However, mail chimp has great integrations with many social media accounts and website forms. For instance, you can setup a tab on your Facebook page called “Newsletter”, and when a user clicks on that tab, it will have a mail chimp signup form which will allow you to collect email addresses that you can then use for email marketing.

The most important social media tool is the one you use. These are all great, and free I might add. Breeze Digital Media can help you setup Google Analytics, Mailchimp and even a Hootsuite account. Get in touch with us by visiting breezedigitalmedia.com/contact
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