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First we seek to understand your marketing goals, then create a competitive strategy and execute the plan. Last but not least, we report back to you each month with the results.

We're different than that "other" agency. We're a small, but hungry team. We think inside and outside the box, wherever the idea comes from — that's where we take it.  We work with you, at whatever stage of marketing you're at. Wether that's just needing more leads, help with social, a new website, or completely rebranding your organization – we are here.


I have noticed a massive increase in inquires coming to our email, good job!
bona fide home inspections
I am happy to report that the Google Ad is working. This last week was the best work week that I've had in 5 years!
I would highly recommend Breeze Digital Media. I am very satisfied with the new website.

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Marketing Automation by SharpSpring is a suite of tools that helps your marketing team generate more qualified leads, helps your sales team close more deals and report on what's working and what's not.

From ONE platform.

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By Brad Poirier 15 Aug, 2017
We are a visual society, so you should be using at least one of these options on your website.

Just like website design ranges from no use of images to the overuse of them, same is true with icons today. More than ever, some webpages are being cluttered with icons, that often add no context to the page or just add nothing to the user experience.

When is it good to use an icon on your website? Here's a few criteria I follow plus some resources for putting icons on your website.
By Brad Poirier 13 Jul, 2017
What’s more important to you: A shiny trophy for being number one on Google or a boat load of new clients coming your way.

Yes, we have said before that the number one position on Google gets 33% of the traffic for that keyword, but what do you see coming up as number one now-a-days?

Local Directories come up first. Do a quick Google search for anything local business related, for instance "restaurants near me". I did this search, and not one result on the first page was from a local business website. ALL of the first 10 results were local review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and OpenTable.

Now to be fair, there were three local results that appeared first, in what we call the Google Snack Pack. Before the website results, Google displays three locations from Google Maps, which is also very important. For websites though, it was all local directories.
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