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With over 1.6 Billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, it's no wonder so many are turning to social media as marketing channel. People consume more content through social media than any other media outlet. A well thought out plan ensures that whatever social media channels you are using is designed to drive qualified leads to your business.

What We Do On Facebook

  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Monthly Planning Meeting to understand your business and goals and get content ideas
  • Optimized Facebook Business Page to ensure it is professional, matches look and feel of your website and current promotions
  • Content Creation focusing on three key areas: 1) position you as the expert, 2) community connections and 3) business promotion
  • Posting 3x per week on the days and times best for your business to maximize exposure
  • Weekly Paid Boosts to extend your reach to more fans, friends and potential new customers.
  • Monthly Contests that help grow your fan base and your email list
  • Monthly Reporting showing a clear ROI and key performance indicators

Facebook Advertising

Reach New Customers with Facebook Advertising

Over 100 targeting methods available including:
  • GEO target radius around your location
  • Behavior / Interest based
  • Occupation, school, employers
  • Custom audience using your existing contact list
  • Facebook lead ads deliver name, email & phone leads
  • Call-To-Action buttons drive traffic to Facebook page, website, ticket or event pages

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By Brad Poirier 18 May, 2017
There's pros and cons to this type of Facebook post. The pro, well, you're making an attempt to create business. The cons? How do you set an expiration date on that? Even if you indicate one in the post, there could be that customer that just says "oh, I didn't see that". Further, how do you keep track of it? Are you going to write down on a sheet of paper every time someone comes in and says "Hey, I saw this post on Facebook". Also, not everyone wants to mention that. People want to present coupons and get a deal, they don't want to announce that they're getting a deal.

There is a much better way to accomplish what you are trying to do. You may have seen it, used it, tried it, but here's how to get the most out of the post type called "Offer". Watch the video below to see an example or read below.
By Brad Poirier 30 Aug, 2016
Need a social media checkup? Download our free 10-point checklist . Take two and call us in the morning.
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